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We let the customers do the talking for us!

Finally found a real barber shop! This is the place to go for a high-quality haircut!

Matt Harlow

Been coming here for years and I’m impressed every time. Even when I don’t know how to describe what I want, they somehow get it right. Its like they get inside my head. I have never walked out of there feeling like less than a million bucks.

Anthony West

Matt has been cutting my sons hair since his very first hair cut (he is 8 ) and he refuses to let anyone else cut it. Matt is very talented, and totally worth the wait!

Shayla Stickford

So much better than the big chains. Plus you get to support local artistry. And that’s what it is- art!

Sam Rogain

First timer very nice cut! New in town and I don’t have to look elsewhere!

Mike Taylor

Badass barbershop with great barbers and a great environment..

Joe Sprauer

No other place I’d Rather Go. Best barbers in the city

Billy Jack

Best barber shop in the state. Great barbers. Every single person walks out with a smile and happy. I have been going to matt for the last 12 years and won’t let anyone else cut my hair.

Nick Heath

Congratulations on being the best barbershop shop in Indy!!!! Most of us already knew you were!

Zach Baker

Only place me and my boys get our haircut. Love doing the razor shaves.

Ryan Vallow

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